Praise for the Book

Praise for Three Bodies Burning

Three Bodies Burning was #1 in Amazon's Murder & Mayhem category! Click here to see the Amazon reviews.

“…Offers an inside look at the painstakingly long hours detectives must log and the little bits of luck needed to put the bad guys away.”
- Omaha World Herald

What a great read! A work that the reader literally can't put down. It's a rare opportunity for a person on the outside to  get a realistic look on the inside of a high level criminal investigation from the perspective of a real professional. Brian Bogdanoff tells the story in a way for all to learn and enjoy.
 - Donald Kleine
Head Douglas County Attorney

Bogdanoff's career as a seasoned homicide and drug detective shines through on every page of Three Bodies Burning, as he doggedly pursues justice for three persons murdered and left smoldering in a field outside of Omaha. In this true story, Bogdanoff transfixes the reader as he leads them through the underworld of drugs and violence on his path to solving the crime.
- Maria Moran
Retired Assistant United States Attorney

Three Bodies Burning is an immensely gripping, fast-paced crime story that reads like the classic thriller. It is exciting, captivating, and almost impossible to put down. This smoothly crafted, at times riveting, narrative is a must read for a first-time author.
- James Martin Davis
Former Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service
Top 100 trial lawyers in America
Super Lawyer
One of Martindale Hubbles Preeminent Lawyers
of America

Brian Bogdanoff is one of the best detectives I have worked with in my 27-year career in law enforcement. His extensive experience in narcotics and homicide made him the ideal detective to work the "Three Bodies Burning" case. His ability to tell a story made him the perfect author to share this story. This page turner gives the reader an inside look at how an investigator brought the criminals responsible for this horrific crime to justice.
- Eric Buske
Chief of Police, Bryant, Texas
Retired Chief of Police, Omaha, Nebraska

An unbelievable book. I've covered court cases and crime, and this is a true crime story you won't want to put down. Bogdanoff includes juice details -- and photos -- behind a crime that shook up our community. Three Bodies Burning allows readers the unique opportunity to jump inside the mind of an investigator who spent years fighting for justice.
- Shelley Russell
Reporter, FOX 42 News

Three Bodies Burning allures any reader from start to finish in its quest to uncover the truth. It is a fascinating tale involving the perseverance of Bogdanoff along with all the other detectives, crime lab personnel, and DNA analysts to bring the guilty to justice. I thoroughly enjoyed every detail of this true story and found it impossible to put down!
- Melissa Helligso
Forensic DNA Analyst

Mr. Bogdanoff takes you on a whirlwind tour of a horrific crime, its investigation, its twists and turns, until the conclusion, which results in the prosecution of the perpetrators. This is a fantastic journey into the workings and actions of an outstanding police team of which any city should be proud.
- Robert L. Armstrong and Edwardene Taylor Armstrong
Adjunct Professors, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Mr. Bogdanoff spoke at our book club, "The Professional Bookworms." We were so excited to have him come and speak, not only because he is a local author who has gained well-deserved recognition from this book, but he was very open and patient to answering all of our many questions about real-life crime and drama.
- Sharrie Dye
Professional Bookworm Book Club Member
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